Wednesday 29 February 2012

AND The Collection Continues

The color of this garment is gorgeous
This is a jacket that I would personally wear myself. I love the leather looking ends and the slits on the jacket are stunning.
Personally, this is a very beautiful coat. The sleeves on this coat is the beauty to this garment.

Max Mara

Wool flannel jacket and skirt in the 1980's
Designer: Anne-Marie Beretta
Sculptural Linen Pants Suit in 1980's
Max Mara autumn/winter collection of 1981-1982
Designer: Anne-Marie Berett
Beretta designed a collection of tailored suits for Max Mara. "Her trademark is a play on proportions, from wide collared coats to mid-calf length trousers and asymmetrical lines".

1981 Vest for Max Mara

Anne-Marie Beretta's Collection

In 1974, Beretta decided that she had enough experience as a fashion designer to start her own ready-to-wear label. It had been said that, “She has a serious sombre style and sees her clothes as mobile sculptures”.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Most Memorable Garments

Here are all the years which Anne-Marie Beretta had created garments that were highly recognized.

1969-70 – camouflage-cloth garments, winter 1971-72 – ample-armhole sleeves, winter
1974 -long and roomy cape, rubberised on the outside
1975 – chinese-fashioned dress, Mao suit, spring
1976-77 – the pareo, winter
1979-80 – elbow-shaped sleeves and asymmetric drapings, winter
1980- wide-waisted Chinese overalls, spring
1980-81 – knee-shaped trousers, winter
1981-82 – the poncho, winter
1983- pareo-skirts, snap-hooks, spring
1984-85 – the “jupe-couettes”: draped from within, winter
1985- the “cornet” skirts, spring
1986 – the sarongs, the gypsum flowers, spring
1986-87 – the “peau de peche”, winter
1987-88 – the “coup de vent” dress, winter
1988-89 – the draped cloaks, winter
1990-91 – the skirt-like underpants, winter
1991-92 – the pareo-like overalls, winter
1992- the double dress, spring
1992-93 – the skirt with a tail, winter
1994-95 – the full-lining cardigan, winter
1995- the rivet-fastened dress, spring
1997- the culottes, spring
1997-98- the double-sleeves, winter

Entry into a New World - The Fashion Industry

In 1957, Beretta moved to Paris and met a man named Roger Bauer that motivated her to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
Sunset In Paris

Antonio Castillo in 1963

Beretta was convinced so in her free time, she worked for a man named Antonio Castillo where she was designing costumes for a theater. Castillo had his own house where he created, "elegant clothes and elaborate costumes for private clients, the theater and the movies" (

Antonio Castillo

Rain-wear collection in 1980's from Beretta
At this point, this is when Beretta's fashion career started rising because in 1965, she got together with manufacturer Pierre d'Alby and started a very successful product line of brown linen garments.

In the 1980's, Beretta decided to go work for Georges Edelman because he agreed to manufacture her rain-wear line.

Early Life

Anne-Marie Beretta
Map of France
Béziers is a city in the south of France right next to Marseille.
Anne Marie Beretta was born in 1937 in a city called Béziers in France.

The city of Béziers